Crawler Cranes


Liebherr LR 1800

The LR 1800-1.0 extends the Liebherr range of crawler cranes in the class below 1000 tonnes. Outstanding lifting capacities and low cost transport around the world are the main features of the new large crane. The boom system features lattice sections with three system dimensions which can be telescoped into each other for transport.

Max. load capacity 800 t
Max. hoist height 202 m
Max. radius 152 m



Liebherr LR 1750

The LR 1750 crawler crane is suitable for universal use and is used in power plants, refineries, on Bridge construction sites and for erecting wind turbines. The compact dimensions of the crane components and their moderate weights mean that the crane can be transported to the site at low cost. The 750-tonne model can also be used as a pedestal crane on supports.

Max. load capacity 750 t
Max. hoist height 191 m
Max. radius 156 m



Demag CC 3800 TEREX

With a lifting capacity of 650 tonnes at a radius of twelve meters and a maximum load moment of 9,152 tonne-meters, the Demag CC 3800-1 is strong enough, for example, to erect wind turbines with a hub height of up to 117 meters without the need for a Superlift system. As a result, it is an especially cost-effective choice for a broad range of assignments.

Max. load capacity 650 t
Max Load Moment 9152 tm
Max Main Boom Length 144 m
Max Tip Height 192 m



Demag CC 2800-2 TEREX

The Demag CC 2800-2 is extremely versatile: it can be used for infrastructure projects in road and bridge construction as well as erecting wind turbines, and puts in a fine performance in refineries too. Its transportability was optimized & simplified.

Max. load capacity 600 t
Max Load Moment 7712 tm
Max Main Boom Length 138 m
Max Tip Height 180 m



Liebherr LR 1400/2
The LR 1400/2 crawler crane features include a multi-functional boom system, simple, fast crane set-up and low cost transport of the crane components. Its variable derrick System with hydraulic control delivers enormous load capacities.

Max. load capacity 400 t
Max. hoist height 164 m
Max. radius 120 m


Liebherr LR 1100
Max. load capacity 110 t
Max. hoist height 104 m
Max. radius 57 m


Liebherr LR 853 LITRONIC
Max. load capacity 90 t
Max. hoist height 63 m
Max. radius 50 m